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Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on May 21st, 2009 at 6:05 am
Umpah 6 ZR1?

Umpah 6 ZR1?

Last weekend I wrote about a patch bearing the name of Umpah lodge, the predecessor of Wagion 6, which I believe is probably a fake.

One of the details offered in support of this patch was a membership card sleeve with a rather unusual typewritten message.     Several collectors have told me they believe the sleeve to be from the late 1940s – early 1950s, and certainly not from the early 1920s when Umpah lodge briefly existed.     I have since made an additional discovery about this card sleeve.

Handwritten on the sleeve was a name, David R. McClay, Jr.       I was curious and wanted to see if I could find anyone with that name.       I wasn’t to surprised when a name turned up.     On a lark, I found an email address for the David R. McClay who most likely would be of the correct age to have been a Scout 55 to 60 years ago.     I wrote this person and sent him an image of the card sleeve.

I was very surprised when he wrote back and confirmed that this was once his card sleeve!

He pointed out he misspelled his hometown on the sleeve.     It should be Lemont, PA and not “Lamont, PA”.     This is a small town just outside of State College.

He did not remember anything being in the sleeve, other than the card pressumably.     He did not comment on the message.     He did not go far in the Scouts, dropping out when it interferred with school sports.       Yes, even then the Boy Scouts lost members to the lure of organized school sports.

In order to protect his privacy, I do not wish to share any other personal details about this gentleman here at this time.   With his permission, I forwarded my last email from him to Tom Price.     Tom wanted to discuss the matter of the Umpah patch patch with him.

While David McClay’s part in this whole Umpah patch question is a very small, I found it interesting to actually be able to contact the former Scout whose name appeared on an interesting looking membership card sleeve.

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