Coming out of Hiding About April 1st

Posted in OAImages News by John E. Pannell on August 27th, 2011 at 4:03 pm

It’s kind of odd to come out of hiding to post about a topic like this.

I’m hearing from some brothers that there have been gullible readers to this blog over the years.  I would have thought it was obvious from the context of the posts, but the various posts made on this blog throughout the years that have appeared on APRIL FIRST are all satire.   None of them are true.   Read them and chuckle but please do not complain to your friendly OA National Committee members, Scout Executives, lodge advisers, or official website administrators about the “changes” that are “announced” in them.

Be aware, please, that in the grand scheme of the National Order of the Arrow, I am a nobody.   The BSA and the OA have established methods and procedures for announcing changes to the program.   They will be published in official publications such as the OA National Bulletin, appear on the official OA website,  be unveiled at national events, or be communicated through your Scout Executive.   They will never be announced on someone’s personal blog!

The Order of the Arrow is a brotherhood of cheerful service.   These April Fool’s posts are no more true than the old tales of the Vigil Lottery or the August Merit Badge Special.   I offer my apologies to you if these changes caused you grief, but please be more skeptical about “announcements” that appear here on April First.   They’re not true.

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