Lodge 185: Oolenoy Scouting for the Cure

Posted in Atta Kulla Kulla 185,SR-5 Lodges by John E. Pannell on March 2nd, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Atta Kulla Kulla 185: Oolenoy Chapter X3?

Oolenoy Chapter of Atta Kulla Kulla lodge has recently issued a patch in support of breast cancer research.   This is the first chapter item issued for this cause as far as I know.   Like most of the other patches issued so far, this one is a pink monochrome and prominently features a pink ribbon.    Thanks to Greg Grimes for sending this image.

I plan to post a list of known breast cancer research patches soon.   If you know of one not yet on this site, please send an image to me so it can be included.

The listing data for this item is as follows:

Chapter Issue Bdr Color/Type Bkgd Name fdl/BSA Comments
Oolenoy X3? DPK C PNK DPK DPK fdl; Scouting for the Cure 2012
Atta Kulla Kulla lodge page on OAImages.com

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