2012 SR-7B Vigil Rededication Patch

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2012 SR-7B Vigil Rededication Patch

2012 SR-7B Vigil Rededication Patch

Greg Grimes and Rick Horne both told me about the patch pictured here. It was given out at the Vigil Rededication ceremony during the recent 2012 SR-7B Conclave.  We have had some discussion amongst our selves over whether this should be considered a lodge or section issue.  Some of the points that came up in our discussion were:

– Tsoiotsi Tsogalii was host/service lodge for this event.  It is customary for the host lodge to give a gift or trinket to those who attend the Vigil rededication at conclave;

– The patch a red tail hawk feather which is an important part of the local customs regarding the Vigil Honor in this lodge but does not use the lodge’s name;

– The patch was only available to Vigil Honor brothers and given to members of other lodges.   However it is not uncommon either for a lodge to restrict its patches to only some of its members or to give its patches to brothers from other lodges.

I have not yet heard the answer to the question that would settle this:  Who ordered, produced and paid for this patch?   If it were the lodge, then in my opinion, this should be cataloged as an issue of Tsoiotsi Tsogalii lodge.   If the section had responsibility for producing this, then it should be considered a section issue.   Please feel free to comment and and discuss.

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