Puvunga Lodge Issues First Patches

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on July 30th, 2012 at 4:43 am

Puvunga Lodge S1?

Puvunga lodge has issued their first patches.  They are referred to as their first flap (S1), charter member (S2), and thanks flap (S3) and two two-part sets for NOAC  (S4+X1 and S5+X2).   All the flaps bear the same general design.   I have not yet confirmed it but I suspect the S1 through S3 were issued simultaneously.

At the time of this writing only about 300 of the first flaps were ordered.   The NOAC sets were also produced in low quantities.  Given that this is the first completely new lodge founded in over 40 years, the first flap and NOAC items will be in high demand this week at NOAC.

The lodge has chosen to use number 32, the same as its council number.

Popularity: 2% [?]

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2 Responses to “Puvunga Lodge Issues First Patches”

  1. Randy Holden Says:

    You are correct in the order. The first three are all the same except the wording on bottom of S2 & S3. The design has the the full dolphin on the flap. On the NOAC sets the dolphin is half on each. Looking for the S1? Make sure you see the whole dolphin.

  2. New York OA Trader | Today’s Links July 31, 2012 Says:

    [...] Puvunga Lodge Issues First Patches OAImages Blog [...]

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