Kanwa tho Lodge

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Kanwa tho 636 S1?

Kanwa tho 636 S1?

Kanwa tho lodge, 636, formed from the recent merger of Mascoutens 8 and Mikano 231 has issued their first flap.  One thousand of these charter member flaps were produced.  The flaps were first sold at the lodge’s Winter banquet and are currently restricted to one per person.   Approximately 350 people were at the banquet but not all were brothers.

The lodge’s totem is a panther.   There has been some disagreement over the correct spelling of the lodge name.  At present the lodge has said the name is spelled “Kanwa tho”, no hyphen and a lower case “t” to start the second word.   The name on the flap is considered a misspelling.   The number used by this lodge is the same as their council, Three Harbors Council.

Thanks to Dan Gille for the image and information about this lodge.


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