An Unusual Consolidation

Posted in Scouting News by John E. Pannell on April 17th, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Many may not be aware of a recent BSA Council consolidation that appears to have occurred with little fanfare. The territory of Virigin Islands Council has been absorbed into National Capital Area Council.

The Virigin Islands Council had struggled for years.  Arawak lodge existed only on paper and was non-functioning.  While Puerto Rico Council may have seemed like a better fit based upon geography, it has been said NCAC was better positioned to support Scouting in this US territory.

Amangamek Wipit lodge has already issued two flaps paying tribute to the former Arawak lodge.

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  1. Jubeloh Says:

    Only two? How extraordinary. I would have thought that by now there would have been 6 different OBV sets, four fundraising flaps, and 50 special flaps for the 2 lodge chiefs (Only one chief? Well he gets them all!) to give out to their closest friends, but only after the friends of the Lodge Adviser get theirs.

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